Using Google Voice

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Getting Started with Google Voice

1. Go to to create a Google account.

2. When you have your account, go to Google Voice to be assigned a phone number. (Follow the steps on Google Voice or go to:, then to the folder “Integrating 21st Century Technology”, and to the page “Google Voice” for a ppt and video.)

3. Tell students to bring phone to class.

4. Write your Google Voice phone number on board. Tell students to text this number and to give you (say clearly) their first and last name and the period of their World Language class. Write an example on board:
Example: (925) 543‐1245 (your assigned Google Voice number)
Mateo Smith 2. (Then they hang up immediately).

5. You (or a student aide) will then set up the groups (classes) by typing up the names of the students individually and grouping them by class period.

6. You are now set up to give them an actual Google Voice assignment.

1. Inform parents and students that students’ own cell number privacy will not be jeopardized.

2. The Google Voice number is not the teacher’s own personal phone number, but rather one used exclusively for oral assessment or oral exercises.

3. Even though you can identify the callers by numbers, ask students to say their full name at the beginning of each recording.

4. Keep the assignments short. You have to listen to all of them.

5. Write out clear instructions for each assignment, the due date AND desired time for the entry.

6. If you are using the recording as an assessment, use a rubric.

7. Give students an “open mike” from time to time, so that they may choose the topic.

8. If students are recording at home, encourage them NOT to write their comments out and read them to you.

Watch the Video tutorial by clicking on the arrow in the screen below.