PBL for novice

NB: The following project ideas are not necessarily complete per the PBL model espoused by Edutopia and BIE. They are meant to be beginning ideas for now, awaiting full fledged development according to the model.

Here is my PBL-WL project overview template:

Les Pirates!

For French 1 - Stage 1 fluency
Students describe themselves as if they were a pirate. Capitaine Barbebleu d'Aulat has written a letter inviting pirates to apply to be a member of the crew of his ship La Grande Sophie. Acceptable pirates will be chosen to be a member of the crew, and the others? To the plank! Rubrics included.

La mode et les jeunes

Les questions essentielles

  1. Comment est-ce que la mode peut être une répresentation de l'identité personelle et de l'idée de la beauté? How is fashion a representation of personal and cultural identity? How does it intersect with our notions of beauty and utility?
  2. Comment est-ce que les vêtments jouent un rôle important pour les économies francophones? How does fashion play a role in the economies of Francophone countries?
  3. Comment est-ce que les vêtements jouent un rôle dans les droits de la femme? How does fashion play a role in women's rights?

Learning Targets

- I can describe several clothing items, their colours, sizes, and prices.
- I can ask and answer questions about clothes and their sizes, colours, and prices.
- I can tell others where I am going to buy clothes.
- I know the forms of these verbs: mettre, voir, croire.
- I know the forms of these verb groups: -er, -ir, -re.

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by Kelly Thiessen. Hailing