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How to Get Projects off to a Good Start

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A Good article on Wikipedia

PBL article on Wikipedia

How PBL Educates the Whole Child

PBL Basics

Foundations of PBL - Project Overview Workshop

Creating Effective Entry Events

Rubrics Workshop

Books on PBL, with links to

Reinventing Project-based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age, by Suzie Boss, Jane Krauss, and Leslie Connery

Project-based Learning Handbook: A Guide to Standards-focused Project-Based Learningfor Middle and High School Teachers, by Thom Markham, John Larmer and Jason Ravitz

PBL Starter Kit, by John Larmer @BIE

Project-based Second and FL Education - theory and ideas, by Gulbahar H. Beckett (Editor), Paul Chamness Miller (Editor)

(NB: This book is quite theoretical, not exceptionally practical in nature. Useful if you are interested in the theory behind PBL in WL, not ideas for PBL-based projects)

Books on 21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills; Learning for Life in Our Times


On-Line Resources

PBL On-line - Buck Institute for Education
Buck Institute for Education
YouTube videos from Buck
Experts and NewBIEs Blog @ Buck Institute for Education
Another useful wiki on PBL and other 21st Century teaching practices
A site on PBL theory and ressources
A good intro to PBL

PBL Checklists - 21st Century Skiils

Curriculum 21 - a website for info about 21st Century Skills

21Century Tech Blog

Work That Matters:A Teacher's Guide to PBL by Alec Patton, @Innovation Unit,

How to Lecture in a PBL Classroom by Mike Kaechele, @

The Land of PBL - 25 Ressources by Michael Gorman @ 21CenturyEdTech