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9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

08/31/2012, by Terry Heick

1. Learner-centered
2. Media-driven (this doesn’t have to mean digital media)
3. Personalized
4. Transfer-by-Design
5. Visibly Relevant
6. Data-Rich
7. Adaptable
8. Interdependent
9. Diverse

Stop Stealing Dreams
Seth Godin's manifesto about Education and the need for change.

learning pyramid
learning pyramid

external image Technology-Enhances-Learning-Infographic.jpg

21st century pedagogy develops some particular kinds of fluencies in students :
  1. Technology fluency : know how to use technological tools
  2. Information fluency : know how to gather, process and validate information
  3. Media fluency : know how to view , select , and use media.
To conclude , here is a diagram provided by Andrew Churches that summarizes most of what we have talked about concerning the 21st century pedagogy features :

21st century learning diagram
21st century learning diagram

The 21st century teachers are characterized by certain holistic and student centered features , some of them are summarized below . Gratitude and thanks goes back to Andrew Churches who has provided this diagram .

Bloom's Revised Digital Taxonomy


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