Articles on PBL

The 7 Essentials (plus 1):

1) A need to know

2) A driving question

3) Student voice and choice

4) 21st Century skills

5) Inquiry and Innovation

6) Feedback and Revision

7) A Publicly presented product

and number 8, the most recent addition:

8) Teaches Significant Content


Good articles to read:


What Does Successful PBL Look Like?

by Bob Lenz @Edutopia

Project-Based Learning: Real-World Issues Motivate Students

Concrete, authentic project-based learning helps students illustrate core knowledge.
by Diane Curtis, @ Edutopia

Project-Based Learning: A Case for Not Giving Up

by Suzie Boss, @Edutopia

Free Resources and Downloads for Project Learning

by Kathy Baron, @Edutopia

What Makes Project Based Learning Effective?

by Nicholas Provenzano, @The Nerdy Teacher Blog

Letting go of Control #PBL

by Nicholas Provenzano @The Nerdy Teacher Blog
Great Examples on this posting!

Design Challenge: How to Make Literacy an Integral Feature of Effective PBL
by David Ross @Experts and NewBies Blog

15 Tools for Better PBL

by Terry Heick @Teach Thought Blog

Three Types of PBL

by Terry Heick @Teach Thought Blog

Do's and Don'ts for Better PBL

An Interview with Suzie Boss by Larry Ferlazzo @EdWeek

The Importance of Creativity in the Classroom

by Colin Hussey @Edudemic

20 Tips for Managing PBL

by Andrew Miller @Edutopia

Educational Technology Guy

David Andrade's blog on all things tech, including PBL.
Project-based Learning
Free Project Based Learning resource available

How Project-Based Learning Educates the Whole Child

by Thom Markham - this article is on ASCD's Whole Child Website as well as his own site.
here is his website

Also by Markham... from this website:

Ten Ways to Teach Innovation

Ten Tips for Better PBL

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