Articles on PBL in WL

July 16, 2012
It is a pioneering work we do in World Languages to incorporate PBL! In a recent Google search on PBL in WL, I found that the majority of the links on the first several pages referred to my own work on Edutopia and on this wiki. Humm... I am working hard at thinking this through as thoroughly as I possibly can, but I had not thought there would be so little available on the topic. Nevertheless, the few things I find, I plan to curate on this page for future reference! Onward with our pioneering work!

PBL in the Foreign Language Classroom, by Clark J. Nelson, February 1998 (wow! Already quite an old article)

This is an abstract for a presentation (and an article?) - I have sent a request to the author for further information.
Project-Based Learning: Curricular Modifications for a Changed World, by Filip Zachoval, University of Texas at Austin

Their Hopes and Fears: A Catalist for PBL, by Melinda Dooly