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Ending the ‘tyranny of the lecture’ by Eric Mazur, Harvard professor
Flipped learning: A response to five common criticisms

Teachers turn learning upside down
'Inverted learning' allows students to practice what they learn under the guidance of their classroom teacher
By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor

The Flipped Class Network

Flipping in Arizona

Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom
by Andrew K. Miller @Edutpoia

Is Reversed Instruction Educational Technology's Perfect Storm?
by K. Walsh @Emerging EdTech

Flipping the Classroom
a series of articles @Emerging EdTech

Flipped Learning: A Response to Five Common Criticismsby Alan November and Brian Mull,

Flipping my Spanish Classroom
a blog from a teacher in Canada

6 Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom
by Hans Mundahl, @EdSocialMedia

The Flipped Class - What is it?
by Ann S. Michaelsen, @

The Flip: Classwork at Home, Homework in Class
by Valerie Strauss, @ The Washington Post, 15 April, 2012

Flipping the Classroom Requires More than Video
by Kevin Makice @ GeekDad blog on

Flipped Learning: A response to Five Common Criticisms
by Alan November and Brian Mull @eSchool News

Ending the 'Tyranny of the Lecture'
by Dennis Pierce @ eSchool News

A First-Hand Look Inside a Flipped Classroom
by Meris Stansbury @ eSchool News

Moving the FLipped Classroom
by Brian Bennett @ Educator, Learner Blog

Flipping with Kirch
- student perspectives on the Flipped Classroom

Kirch's Flipped Class Resources
- more from Kirch

Flipping the Classroom with VoiceThread
by Mark Barnett @ Stemivate Academy Blog

Serendipity and the Gradual Release of Responsability
by Steve @ Operation Flipped Blog

Handling Students without Internet Access in the Flipped Classroom
by Tom McLaughlin @ Teaching in the Middle Blog

The TED-Ed Flip Toll in the FL Class
by Emillia Carillo @ FL Begins with T Blog
- good examples of ways to Flip in World Languages

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